One Family supporters Mala Agarwal, and Avnish and Anita Goyal visited One Family partner Maiti Nepal to see vital services being supported by our Anti-Trafficking Fund in action. These services, which prevent human trafficking, rescue victims, and rehabilitate survivors, included Maiti Nepal’s Rehabilitation Centre, HIV/Aids Hospice, Prevention Home, Transit Home, as well as key interception posts across Kathmandu.

During their visit, they met with Anuradha Koirala, the inspirational founder of Maiti Nepal, and Bishwo Khadka, President of Maiti Nepal, who thanked them for their support and introduced them to the problem of trafficking in Nepal.

The visit also included a stop at the construction site for our latest partnership venture, the Maiti Café, a social enterprise run by trafficking survivors and victims of domestic violence, the proceeds of which help Maiti Nepal rescue more women and girls. Maiti Café, to be opened in the summer, is the first of many such social enterprises One Family and Maiti Nepal hope to establish in the fight against human trafficking across Kathmandu.

On the visit, Avnish was amazed the work being done, “These services are crucial, absolutely crucial, and I am proud to be supporting One Family on the work it is doing with Maiti Nepal.”
“So much has been achieved in such a short space of time, and I hope this partnership continues to go from strength to strength. Together we can make a real difference here” he added.

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