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What we do

One Family brings fans and followers, celebrity ambassadors, and high-profile personalities together on digital and social platforms, and empowers them to bring about meaningful change in the world.

Who we are

We have global reach. Our network traverses every continent and our ambassadors have millions of fans and followers.

One Family was co-founded by Maher Zain and Awakening Records, a pioneering global media company that has achieved unparalleledsuccess in music production and publishing.

Maher Zain, the renowned artist at the heart of One Family’s mission, has had over 3 billion YouTube views in the last two years alone. He will be supported by leading artists, television personalities, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and social media trendsetters from all over the world.

Where we work

One Family is a digital-first global community, powered through online media and the latest social channels. In this way, we are where you are.

How we work

We aim to tackle urgent global issues head-on with action-focused intervention.

We have five strategic focus areas: Survival, Safety, Strength, Success, and Sustainability. Each of these areas is vital to healthy family function and, for One Family, is a springboard to a range of important causes.

Our multi-faceted approach engages fans and followers through music, media, and technology. Working closely with our partners, we identify effective programmes that fall within our five focus areas, and we empower global communities to identify and tackle issues that directly affect them.

Why One Family

Our vision is simple: we want to inspire a generation, to create a united family that works together to make the world a better place, a family that is moved to act through the force of love.


sharing what we have so
each of us can thrive

We share with family. When there is a need, we meet that need. It’s what we do.

To crisis-affected parts of the world, we provide food, water, shelter, and sanitary living conditions because these are the basics, the immediate human needs we all have in common.

Longer-term, we must prevent these crises from happening. By teaching people how to drill wells and efficiently irrigate their crops, to install sanitation systems and build sturdy housing, we equip them with the skills, tools, and knowledge they need to become self-sufficient and, ultimately, thrive.


growing together so we
can each be strong

We are as healthy as the care we receive and always stronger together.

By keeping our families physically and mentally healthy through every stage of life we afford every person in every community the opportunity to grow strong and succeed. To bring about meaningful changewe willincrease awareness of urgent social issues and deliver high-impact services.


keeping one another
safe so we can live freely

We protect the vulnerable, wherever they are. We are a family that looks after one another.

We do all we can to ensure families and children live free from harm. We strive to eradicate the root-causes of violence and exploitation through education and social change. To break cycles of abuse, we provide survivors with safe havens and rehabilitation so that they and their families can lead full and productive lives.


Standing together we
can live without limits

The guiding hand of family makes success possible.

We cultivate self-reliance byhelping people fulfill their potential. By providing education and job-related training, we equip people to take up opportunities in our rapidly changing world. We also strive to generate an understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.


caring for the earth so
we can all have a home

Home and family are who we are: past, present, and future.

To safeguard our lives and legacies, we raise awareness about climate change. To save the earth and our place on it we connect with communities across the globe and provide supportfor projects that protect our environment.




Maher Zain


Maher Zain


Maher Zain


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