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One Family Launches #WordsNotWar Campaign to Promote Education in Conflict Zones

One Family

One Family has launched its #WordsNotWar campaign to make sure that children in conflict zones have full and equal access to education. Currently, there are 24 million school-aged children caught up in conflict and unable to go to school, the majority of whom are girls.

One Family’s aim is to equip children with the skills and knowledge that will allow them to become autonomous, global citizens by supporting projects that promote education in. By facilitating projects that set up safe, temporary learning spaces, by providing learning materials, and by training teachers to support children who have experienced trauma, One Family wants to provide sanctuary in the midst of conflict.

Naeem Raza, CEO of One Family, believes access to education in conflict zones is imperative. “Children in war zones go through so much,” he said. “Sometimes school is all they have. Providing a safe and stable space where children can learn and simply be children is a priceless gift. It not only prepares them with the skills they will need to support themselves and their families in the future, it helps them to come to terms with the trauma they have endured. In other words, school helps them become whole again.”




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