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One Family Launch #UntappedPotential Water Awareness Campaign

One Family

One Family’s #UntappedPotential campaign sets out raise awareness about the increasing scarcity of water in some parts of the world, and to secure clean water and effective sanitation for as many people as possible. 

Naeem Raza, CEO of One Family, underscored the importance of water as the foundation for good health and economic wellbeing. “Clean and plentiful water makes life possible,” he said. “When people have water, they can grow crops and eat, and that means their societies are able to function. Without it, the most vulnerable among us die.” 

Raza’s observation reflects the sad reality: dirty water kills 900 children every day, and across the globe, approximately 663 million people do not have access to clean water; 2.4 billion do not have access to sanitation. In the short term, One Family will be supporting projects that make sure families have access to clean water in places where there is an urgent, life-saving need, like South Sudan, where the lives of 7.5 million people are in danger.

For Raza and One Family, though, sustainability is the long-term aim. “We want people to become self-sufficient so that there will no longer be a need to intervene in a crisis. With access to plentiful, clean water, that crisis will not happen in the first place. In Mozambique, for example, we are collaborating with our charity partner to harness solar power, bore holes for hand pumps, install sanitation systems, and educate people about hygiene and sanitation. All of this will help communities become healthier. That way,” he said, “families will thrive and there will no longer be a need for urgent intervention.”



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