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Technology against trafficking

One Family

The issue:

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal business in the world, and ranks only second to drug trafficking in profitability, bringing in an estimated $32 billion annually. The majority of those trafficked are between ages 18 and 24 — but children are also highly targeted. Almost all have experienced sexual abuse or violence.

In Nepal, it is estimated that between 5,000 – 15,000 vulnerable people are trafficked every year into sweatshops, brothels, and exploitative environments.

The lack of accurate data on this issue is due to the hidden nature of the crime, as well as the lack of reporting. What is certain is that Nepal, like other impoverished countries with a growing population of young people, has become a major supply country, where vulnerable young women and girls are in high demand on the international market.

People are kidnapped or coerced, and then transported to all corners of the globe. Nepali girls most commonly end up in the busy brothels of India. The border between Nepal and India is 1,500 kilometres long with just 14 checkpoints along the route – making it easy to smuggle these vulnerable girls over the border.

The chaos created by Nepal’s deadly earthquake in 2015, led to a rise in human trafficking. With homes destroyed; desperate families and orphans are falling into the clutches of criminals.

Our solution:

One Family is taking a fresh approach to tackle this issue, by harnessing the power of technology to create innovative and high impact solutions. Our flagship initiative is a technology platform and app.

This first of its kind technology intervention will:

1. Support over 80,000 girls and young women aged 12 – 24 by providing communities with direct and discreet access to the Nepal police, enabling safe and quick reporting for response in near-real time.

2. Crowdsource reliable data from key frontline workers including NGOs, police, teachers, journalists and social workers to create the first comprehensive and reliable data on trafficking in Nepal.

3. Produce GIS mapping from the data to visualise and identify trafficking routes and hotspots across Nepal, which will be critical to inform effective future interventions.

4. Provide the first mechanism for anti-trafficking agencies to easily cooperate, share information and facilitate access to advice which will create seamless referral pathways and enable trafficking survivors to urgently receive the support they need.

5. Reach whole communities through a mass awareness campaign including SMS outreach, community radio and a school programme to protect communities against trafficking.

6. Drive insight-driven, effective interventions and influence national human trafficking policy and practice to drive systemic change.


We are also working with leading Nepali activists, including CNN Hero Award Winner Anuradha Koirala, to rescue trafficking victims, reunite survivors with their families, as well as helping them to overcome their trauma, and find safe, sustainable work.

With your support, we will continue to shine a spotlight on this issue, and deliver powerful, innovative projects to tackle human trafficking.



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