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Maher Zain, One Family Global Ambassador, Distributes Food Parcels, Visits Mobile Kitchen in Mogadishu

One Family

Maher Zain, the renowned recording artist who is both the co-founder of, and Global Ambassador for, One Family, visited Somalia last week to help support victims of a drought that is threatening the lives of millions of people. Alongside members of the Turkish Red Crescent and the One Family team, Zain distributed water and food parcels to victims of the drought, many of whom have been displaced and so rely solely on humanitarian aid.

Zain also took the time to visit a refuge for children affected by conflict and famine on the outskirts of Mogadishu. Here, he prepared food in a mobile kitchen, which he then served to the children. “It was great to see their faces and to know that we are making a difference,” he said. “But we need to do more. This country is right on the edge of famine. The drought has killed the crops and people are already dying because there is not enough water, not enough food.” 

Currently, one in two Somalis—6.7 million people—need humanitarian assistance. 1.4 million children are malnourished and over a quarter of a million of those are so acutely malnourished that they are close to death. “These children are family,” he said. “It’s up to us to show that love really can make a difference. That’s why One Family is here. That’s why I am here.”



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