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Maher Zain Releases New Charity Single and Video, “Be Mercy”

One Family

Renowned platinum-selling recording artist. Maher Zain, has released a new charity single and video, “Be Mercy,” in association with One Family and RAF Foundation. The video, which was specially filmed in Kenya for Ramadan, is a plea for the world to show mercy and kindness towards orphans who have grown up without the love we all deserve. When we do this, Zain’s moving lyrics tell us, we become better people. By offering up the “healing balm” of kindness, he tells us, “we learnt to become truly human.”

As co-founder and Global Ambassador of the digital-first charity, One Family, Zain believes his words can and do make a difference: “Music connects us,” he says. “And this song helped me understand how I can be better by being kind to those around me. That realization is worth more than all the money in the world.” 

Amazing though is talent is, Zain does more than sing about these issues. He also takes action whenever an opportunity presents itself. He recently visited Somalia with One Family, where he cooked for and fed young children affected by famine and conflict, and he stands strong in his belief that giving of oneself is a moral obligation, the foundation for which love. It is a belief he expresses through his music and which we see again in his magical song, “Be Mercy.”



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