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One Family Launch #LovesMovesEveryone Campaign to Help Syrians Disabled by Conflict

One Family

One Family has launched its #LoveMovesEveryone campaign to restore the lives of adults and children paralysed or permanently disabled during the harrowing conflict in Syria, which has raged for six years, and which shows no signs of coming to an end. To date, more than a quarter of a million people have been killed, and many times more have been lost limbs or been permanently disabled, whether directly, from bombing or bullets, or indirectly, by stepping on or picking up explosives.

The #LoveMovesEveryone campaign will help people grow strong again and put them in position to succeed. Programs funded by this campaign will provide mobility aids and prostheses, and the rehabilitation and psychological support the newly-disabled need to adjust and become self-sufficient. Educating people—especially children—about the continuing danger from undetonated explosives is another key component of the campaign. Far too many people are needlessly hurt in this way, and the more people that understand this danger, the better.

Millions of Syrians also need basic humanitarian assistance—13.5 million in total according to the latest estimates. To this end, the #LoveMovesEveryone campaign will also help provide food, water, blankets, mattresses, cooking equipment, and more, to as many people as possible, whether they are in Syria or have fled to neighboring nations as refugees.

One Family are delighted to be partnering in this endeavor with Handicap International, which has been active in Syria since 2012. An independent charity and co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Handicap International has worked tirelessly for 35 years to change the lives of millions of disabled and vulnerable people, combatting poverty and exclusion, conflict, and disaster wherever it goes. 




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