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One Family Launch #LostAndFound Campaign to Combat Child-Trafficking

One Family

One Family is pleased to announce its #LostAndFound campaign, which sets out to combat child-trafficking, the fastest growing illicit economy across the globe. Difficult though it is to believe, 1.2 million children are held against their will and forced into servitude every year. Sexually, physically, and emotionally abused into compliance, these children all too often become trapped in a cycle of poverty they cannot escape. 

By raising awareness and by harnessing cutting-edge technology, One Family’s #LostAndFound campaign sets out to prevent children from being taken or sold into servitude and aims to support them after they regain their freedom. Helping these victims build better futures for themselves and their families, and so provide hope to those still held captive, is vital. 

Child-trafficking is perhaps the single most pressing human rights issue of our time. One Family will be working with its charity partners to help stop child-trafficking and ensure that every child grows up in a joyful and nurturing environment, free from harm. 



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