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Global Fund's International Summit In India

One Family

One Family's Founder and Chairman Shariff Banna (MBE) recently attended Global Fund's "Step up the fight" kick off meeting in New Dehli.

The Global Fund has set targets to raise $14 billion for the next three years to help save 16 million lives impactd by HIV, malaria and TB.

The event was hosted by the Indian Governnment, brigning together donors, technical partners and civil society groups in a demonstration of global solidarity to pursue Sustainable Development Goal 3, “health and well-being for all.”

India which has the world's largest TB epidemic, has set this ambitous goal of ending TB by 2025, fve years ahead of the targets set by the Sustainable Development goals. 


Peter Sands, Executive Director of Global Fund, commended India's leadership in global health and said commitment and resources from national government is essential to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. 


"Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals requires the kind of global solidarity we have seen in New Dehli"  With global leadership from India and the strong voices of civil society partners we can rid the world of these epidemics. 

Shariff Banna MBE at Global Funds Summit




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