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One Family is helping to save Hope Hospital in Aleppo

One Family

In Syria, hospitals have become targets and are being used as a tactical weapon of war. As medics come under fire in the most dangerous place on earth, we are coming together to support their lifesaving work.

In 2016, the last children’s hospital left in besieged East Aleppo was bombed out of existence. It was struck by missiles as the medical workers were treating children suffering from a chlorine attack. This hospital has been attacked before but every time the amazing staff rebuilt it. However, the last time, judging it too dangerous and without the supplies to rebuild the hospital – it was closed for good.

Instead, doctors and communities came together to build Hope Hospital - a triumph of humanity - in countryside in Northern Aleppo, and for now, it is safe from bombing. It is the only specialist children’s hospital in the area, offering a rare refuge for sick children and their families. 

This hospital provides a vital lifeline in Northern Syria, serving a local community of 170,000 people,  and treats over 55,000 children every single year – that’s over 4,5000 every single month. These children otherwise wouldn’t get any medical care.

The hospital is run by IDA, which was founded in 2012 by a medical committee of Syrian doctors from Aleppo, in response to the healthcare vacuum created in areas outside of government control in Northern Syria. By the end of 2016, the IDA had provided health services to over one million Syrians.

Every day the IDA doctors at Hope Hospital provide a special care baby unit, a dedicated malnutrition clinic, out-patient care, 24-hour emergency care and other vital facilities.

Hope Hospital relies solely on donations, and they urgently need funds, or they will have to close their doors. One Family is helping to provide these heroic doctors and nurses the equipment they need to keep treating children that desperately need our help.




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