Swish to Go has donated 40,000 individual mouthwash sachets to One Family’s Frontline Care Box scheme. 

The care boxes, conceptualised by junior doctor Marissa Lewis, have been carefully assembled to provide all the essentials hospital staff need while on gruelling shifts. The contents include a new pair of socks, ear plugs, lip balm, glucose tablets and an assortment of refreshments, with items being added as One Family on-boards more Emergency Care Fund partners. 

The sachets contain a quick dissolving powder that offers a natural and quick way to achieve cleaner teeth, healthier gums, and long-lasting fresh breath. The product is an ideal addition to the care box, which was conceptualised to provide respite to frontline key staff, working round the clock to save lives as the pandemic grips the country. 

One Family has been in consultation with frontline key workers across the country to decipher which products would provide respite to staff. Once identified, staff at the charity have worked relentlessly to source these essential products and include them in the care boxes, which are now being distributed nationwide.

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