One Family is delighted to announce a new partnership with Sea Watch, to support search and rescue efforts for migrants who continue to seek safety from conflict by undertaking highly dangerous journeys to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea.

One Family’s new Refugee Fund Partner, Sea Watch, was originally founded in response to the inadequate search and rescue provision after 2015, when an initiative of volunteers could no longer stand on the sidelines witnessing people dying in the Mediterranean Sea. Sea Watch is not only operative at sea, but also in the air. Using their two main aircrafts, the team monitors a large sea area - documenting the arrival of refugees seeking safety, any reported human rights violations, and cases of distress. The organisation’s ships and aircrafts have frequently been blocked from saving lives at sea due to political restrictions at border control.

Ambroise from the current crew of Sea Watch 4 commented on the importance of the work they do and why it is so necessary, especially in today’s world. “Everyone else is looking away and closing their eyes. We need to do this job because there are people with no safe route and who have no other option but to take the dangerous passage over the central Mediterranean,” he said.

By working in partnership with Sea Watch, One Family aims to prevent many hundreds of lives being needlessly lost in the Mediterranean Sea.

Photo Credit: Marcus Wiechmann

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