The month of August has seen unprecedented numbers of men, women, and children, risking their lives to cross the Aegean Sea into Europe. Last Friday alone, 530 people made the treacherous journey from Turkey to Greece.

Refugee Rescue, a One Family Refugee Fund partner operating Mo Chara, a specialised search and rescue vessel from Skala Sikamineas, have helped 2805 migrants across 71 boats, including 5 pregnant women.

Compared to 843 people arriving in August 2018, over a triple increase this year, has put huge strain on our search and rescue teams which operate 24 hours a day.

“Thankfully, we have an incredibly dedicated team of volunteers that have persisted throughout these past weeks. Their professionalism and durability have been tested vigorously, and every single volunteer has risen to the occasion” said Finn Sands Robinson, Land Crew Coordinator at Refugee Rescue.

The volunteers and staff at Refugee Rescue play a critical role in helping people disembark from dinghy boats, which can often get stranded between rocks and then quickly flooded with water. Thousands of people have lost their lives taking on the same journey. Once safely on shore, they are provided with dry clothing, a health check, medical assistance, and basic supplies.

These new arrivals will join over 10,000 others being held at the Moria detention facility, which was originally designed for 2,000 people. It is overcrowded, unsafe and inhumane.

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