One Family has announced its commitment today to build a brand new prosthetics centre in Idlib, Syria.

One Family has been partnering with the National Syrian Project for Prosthetic Limbs (NSPPL) – based in Reyhanli, Turkey – to provide funds and support for its essential work with refugees whose lives have been forever changed by the conflict.

Established by a group of overseas Syrian doctors, the NSPPL has fitted 7,500 prosthetics and orthotics to 5,556 patients; some of whom were double amputees.

The commitment for the new centre comes after a 2019 World Health Organisation (WHO) report found that 86,000 Syrians had suffered wounds leading to amputation since the conflict began.
One Family Chairman – Sharif Banna, MBE – said of the future centre: “Now entering its ninth year, the misery, pain and suffering endured by thousands on account of the Syrian conflict is devastating. Our mission – as global citizens – is to provide what little relief we can, and we hope this new centre in Idlib will go a long way in achieving that”.

One Family ambassador and former Olympian Richard Whitehead MBE is a double amputee himself,  and was eager to visit the NSPPL in Turkey to learn about plans for the new centre: “I am so pleased to be here in Turkey and pledge my support for this essential work being carried out by One Family. Prosthetics have the power of changing people’s lives and providing opportunities for those who perhaps felt they no longer had any, so I’m particularly thrilled to be here and support this project”.

Actress and One Family ambassador Laila Rouass added, “As One Family’s Refugee Fund ambassador, I have seen the work the charity is doing with my own eyes. I am confident that this is how we build a global family: we recognise the suffering of our fellow human beings and provide solutions and support for healing – and that’s exactly what this new centre will achieve. I am so pleased to be a part of this essential work”.

International superstar Maher Zain, who is also a One Family ambassador, joins the team in the Reyhanli, Turkey: “I have pledged my support to help One Family raise these funds because I strongly believe in the work the charity is doing. This is how we build a global family – by pitching in and providing support where it is needed.”

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