With the UK facing its biggest national emergency in decades, One Family launched its Emergency Care Fund for COVID-19 this week. Working closely with hospitals, schools, care groups and local authorities, One Family established the immediate needs of the two most vulnerable groups: key workers – including doctors, nurses, carers and teachers– and the elderly, sick and those from low socio-economic households. 

The fund aims to take a multi-pronged approach to supporting those most disenfranchised through the launch of the following key projects: 

1. Frontline Care Boxes: a box of essentials to help our frontline staff as they work flat-out to save lives during the crisis. 

2. Food and Grocery Packs: a pack of food and household essentials to last a family of five for two weeks. 

3. Keeping Connected: to tackle the isolation experienced by the elderly, tablets will be delivered directly to care homes so they can stay connected with loved ones. 

The Emergency Care Fund: COVID-19 will begin with the distribution of Frontline Care Boxes next week to key London hospitals, which have been most affected by the pandemic. A partnership with tech solutions brand The Tekk Group has already allowed One Family to provide hundreds of tablets to care homes across the country. Simultaneously, the charity has already begun to work with schools and local community groups to identify families most in need of food and grocery packs.

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