Rice-alternative brand Full Green has pledged 10,000 units of its cauli-rice to support One Family’s Emergency Care Fund for COVID-19. 

The healthy ‘riced veggies’ pouches will feature in One Family’s food and grocery packs, being delivered to vulnerable families across the country while the coronavirus pandemic continues. Full Green Founder and CEO – Gem Misa – said: “No one anticipated the extent of how the COVID-19 crisis would affect vulnerable families around the UK. Difficult times like these call for us all to come together to do what we can to help. Businesses are in a special position to make an impact because of the resources they have available at their fingertips. The government has extended support to the business community - now it's our turn to pass on our own support to others in need”. 

One Family Chairman – Sharif Banna, MBE – said: “It’s at times like these that it’s imperative we come together as a community. The business community is in a particularly powerful position to do this. Full Green’s partnership with One Family is a clear example of this: they have chosen to put the core of their business ethos – prioritising health for their consumer – into practice. We’re delighted to have Full Green as a partner for our Emergency Care Fund”.

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