Zakat Eligible

In a world ravaged by war and regularly impacted by environmental disaster, there is always a desperate need for emergency relief.

The conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Palestine have forced families from their homes and left them without food or shelter. Many have been wounded and more have been psychologically scarred by what they have seen. Perhaps worse, they live under the perpetual threat of violence, which means they can never feel safe.

The earth can also be hostile. Floods take lives and lifetimes of work; earthquakes wreak havoc on a massive scale; and droughts—such as the one in East Africa—mean crops fail and people starve to death, or die from drinking contaminated water for fear of dying from thirst.

Currently, 10,000 children die every single day of malnutrition and hunger-related health problems and 663 million people do not have access to safe water. This number that will only grow as climate change worsens. People are dying today. More will die tomorrow.

For those who survive conflict and environmental disaster, the struggle is only just beginning and it’s our responsibility to help.

And, to help, One Family intervenes wherever there is a crisis. We provide food, water, shelter, and sanitary living conditions because these are the basics—the immediate human needs that we all have in common.

We ask that you help today, by giving. But we also ask that you help tomorrow. Because tomorrow is about hope and possibility. And because, together, as a part of a united and caring family, we can save lives and restore human dignity for people in immediate and desperate need.