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Although fundamental to life, a clean, drinkable and constant supply of water is a distant dream for many. 663 million people across the world have no access to safe drinking water, with many walking miles every day to fetch supplies that could kill them and their families. Not only that, but 2.4 billion people do not even have basic sanitation.

The result? Disease spreads, crops fail, families go hungry, communities wither. Almost unimaginably in this modern age, 900 children die every single day simply because of dirty water.

We believe there’s no excuse for this. Water is like air: a basic human necessity.

For this reason, One Family supports projects to bring clean water to areas like South Sudan – where 7.5 million are at risk from contaminated sources. Improving the supply will not only save childrenfrom malnourishment, but also help stem the tide of famine and disease threatening vast swathes of East Africa.

Safe water can - and must - be #untapped.

We are also working on longterm sanitation projects in areas such as Mozambique - where three quarters of people have no access to hygienic toilets. This alone kills 4,000 children from disease every year, while life expectancy for men and women is only around 50 years old.

Small changes could make all the difference: boring holes for hand pumps, installing sanitation systems, harnessing solar power and improving hygiene education will all give communities a chance of health and prosperity. Which is the very least they deserve.

Always stronger together, we are One Family.

Hagira’s Story: Source of life

Hagira, 15, is responsible for collecting water for her entire family in Mozambique. “The walk is long and often the well has no water,” she says. “Sometimes the water is bitter, and we cannot drink it. About twice a week we have to go elsewhere because the well has no water.”

Although Hagira attends the local primary school, it has no water and no functioning toilets. The 530 pupils are always thirsty, and often get sick because they cannot wash their hands. “At school I have to go home when I need the toilet,” Hagira says. “But I like the lessons at school. When I finish school I want to be a teacher to teach other children to read and write.”

Sadly, Hagira’s story is all too common. All over the world, children and adults are dependent on wells or streams which frequently dry up, or make them fatally ill.

As a united family, it is our duty to change things. Please help us give our communities a brighter future, with water supplies that are clean, safe and fit for purpose.

Here’s how to help people like Hagira in Mozambique, South Sudan, Somalia:
£100 will provide 2 bicycles for 2 hygiene education volunteers.
£200 will provide a new tap stand.
£300 will provide a water pump for a school or community.
£3,500 will provide a borehole and bring water to a community.
£6,500 will provide a water point with a sustainable solar system.
£29,000 will provide one month’s emergency water and hygiene kits to 1,000 families.
£100,000 will provide a borehole in Somalia.


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