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Human trafficking is the world’s fastest-growing criminal activity. Around 1.2 million children and over 22 million people in total are tricked into leaving their families or taken against their will every year, with the sole aim of exploiting them for profit.

In Nepal, a trafficking hotspot, more than 10,000 children are forced into servitude each year and sent as far afield as India, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Pakistan. The devastating earthquake of 2015 left many children homeless and orphaned, making them even more vulnerable. But even in more affluent countries, trafficking is rife, with 13,000 victims of modern slavery living in the UK alone. A third of these are children, many of whom are forced into crime.

One Family is tackling the root causes of this crisis and supporting survivors. 

We are working with grassroots partners around the world, and the UK, to use technology to create scalable solutions to trafficking. Inlcuding our ground breaking app in Nepal, which is enabling people to quickly and safely report incidences to the police and get the support they need to protect their families. 

Please join us in the fight to defeat trafficking and restore hope for a better future. 

Always stronger together, we are One Family.

Sapana’s Story Breaking free from slavery

“My father always made me feel very unworthy,” says Sapana. “I had to show my worth by leaving school to earn money.”

When she was just 13, Sapana began working at a carpet factory in Kathmandu, labouring for 16 hours a day in harsh conditions, and for a pittance. When the 2015 earthquake in Nepal caused the factory to collapse, Sapana escaped - only to fall into the wrong hands again.  

After arriving on the Nepal-India border, where she had been told there were hotel jobs, she realised she was destined to fall into slavery. “I was about to make a horrible mistake due to my desperate situation,” she recalls. 

Fortunately, a team of border monitors working with UNICEF took her aside and placed her in protective custody, providing her with food and shelter. The information she disclosed then helped free other underage workers from a miserable fate. “I nearly fell into a trap,” she says. “But I am safe now. That makes me happy.” 

TThousands like Sapana have their childhood snatched from them every year.

Here's how you can help survivors like her build a brighter future:
£200 provides free SMS messaging for 200 people to report human trafficking in their communities, receive follow-up calls and tailored assistance.
£500 will provide a protection net for vulnerable girls and allow schools to be declared “trafficking-free,” using a Kobo ToolBox survey.
£1,000 will rehabilitate a trafficking victim through a skills-training institute.
£12,000 will set up a free trafficking hotline.
£20,000 will fund 20 training courses and train 315 front-line professionals to help 33,550 at-risk children in the UK.
£50,000 will fund a year-long research project into the exploitation of children trafficked to the UK for illegal cannabis cultivation.


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