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The conflict in Syria has caused  the worst humanitarian emergency of our lifetime, and one of the largest refugee crises in history. The ongoing war in Syria has left more than 11 million people displaced, while 500,000 are feared dead or missing. A further one million civilians have been injured. 


Amid the terror of war, we believe that the power of technology can offer real hope, and help change shattered lives for the better. For this reason, One Family is harnessing and exploring digital tools and technology such as mobile, drones, robotics, 3D printing, cloud-computing, and blockchain to assist Syrians with frontline lifesaving emergency care.

Syrian lives matter. The power of technology can save and rebuid lives.

One Family is working across industries to leverage existing technology and co-develop new initiatives to support refugees.

We are working with frontline, grassroots organisations and supporting them to leverage simple as well as breakthrough technology to save lives and help people to have better lives in the long term.

Our current four areas of focus are:

1. Life-saving medical care
2. Providing prosthetic limbs
3. Saving lives at seas
4. Rescuing people from underneath rubble

Although the long-term solution to the struggles of the Syrian people can only be achieved by lasting peace, we believe that together, we can alleviate the terrible human suffering seen over the past seven years and that technology can help create and accelerate positive change. 

Please join us, and help show victims of conflict we will not abandon them.

Always stronger together, we are One Family.


Syrian Sisters Gain a Chance at Life


When Lilas and Lilian were born prematurely one month early they were fighting for their lives. The sisters were immediately rushed to Hope Hospital for children which is run by our partners the Independent Doctors Association (IDA) in northern Syria. IDA’s medical team had to act fast and lab tests soon confirmed the twins were suffering from respiratory distress syndrome, a condition which occurs when a baby’s lungs aren’t fully developed, and therefore can’t provide enough oxygen.

Lilas and Lilian were admitted to the special care baby unit at Hope Hospital, where it was touch-and-go for a while. IDA’s dedicated medical team provided around-the-clock care (as well as phototherapy which is used to treat jaundice). Thankfully the twins’ little lungs started to get stronger, and after a week the girls were able to go home.

Fast forward five months and while out on his rounds in the local community Head Dr. Hatem confirmed the girls are healthy and thriving. “Born at 34 weeks Lilas and Lilian were struggling for their lives…now they are healthy and safe in their mother’s arms” he explained.

Meet Rayyan  

Rayyan was just 10 years old when she lost both her legs during her journey across Syria to Turkey. 

Meet Mohamed Al-Khamis 

6 year old, Mohamed and his father were out collecting firewood when suddenly he was struck between a cross fire and shot in the leg. 

Mohamed recalls the moment his life changed  " I felt something on my leg and I screamed dad my leg, help me. My dad ran towards me and picked me up, the next thing I remember I was in hospital and my leg was gone".

With the help of the the National Syrian Project for Prosthetic limbs, Mohamed recieved the therapy and rehabilitation he needed to help him return back to normal life and give him a chance to fufil his love for football once again. 



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